Should I go on teacher or researcher exchange?

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 Information on teacher and researcher exchange. 

Should I go on teacher exchange?

Teacher exchange allows you to develop your pedagogical skills, gain experience of teaching in a foreign language, develop your networks and meet colleagues in partner universities. In addition, you will also get to know the teaching culture and methods of your own discipline at the partner university.

Teacher exchange offers plenty of different opportunities to develop your teaching skills, enrich the teaching offered by your unit, and strengthen the university’s cooperation with its partner universities. The Erasmus teaching exchange is based on reciprocity: a teacher from the University of Helsinki gets to learn more about the teaching culture at a partner university, and a unit or degree programme at the University of Helsinki gains a teaching resource from the partner university.

According to the feedback, many teachers at the University of Helsinki have found the Erasmus teacher exchange to be a positive learning experience that helped them develop their competence.

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What is the Erasmus teacher exchange? – Erasmus teacher exchange in brief

Erasmus is an exchange programme funded by the EU, making it possible for the teaching staff at the University of Helsinki to go on exchange at a foreign university. Teachers may apply for a travel grant from International Exchange Services to cover their accommodation and travel costs during the exchange period. The travel costs of a teacher exchange are covered in accordance with the university’s travel instructions if you submit the application for a travel grant well in advance before the exchange trip. The amount of the Erasmus travel grant depends on the destination country and the duration of the exchange period.

The Erasmus and Erasmus Global teacher exchange programmes are based on unit-specific exchange agreements between universities. The precondition for a teacher exchange is that the partner universities have signed a bilateral teacher exchange agreement at unit or faculty level, and that there are still exchange places left for the period. To receive an Erasmus travel grant, the teacher going on an exchange must be currently employed by the University of Helsinki.

Should I go on teacher or researcher exchange outside the EU/EEA?

The University of Helsinki has around 60 bilateral cooperation agreements with universities located outside the EU/EEA. These agreements also cover teacher and/or researcher exchanges. For teachers and researchers at the University of Helsinki, the maximum length of an exchange period in destinations outside Europe is two weeks.   The exchange may include research and/or teaching work as well as a wide range of other cooperation with the receiving university’s teaching and research staff to benefit both partner universities.