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What is a course page?

A course page is a public presentation of the education available at the University of Helsinki. Students must have access to all the information, material and equipment required to complete a course through the course page. Examination results or how to access them must also be announced on the course page.

Tell students about changes in teaching during the exceptional situation due to coronavirus

Inform students about the changes in teaching arrangements on the course page or tell them where they can find information on these changes. You can for example:

  • publish a Note on the course page or
  • add information into Conduct of the course or
  • create a Optional extra section and tell there about the changes in teaching.

Do not forget to add a link to the Moodle-area on your course page if you are using Moodle.

How do I edit my course page?

You can easily access the link to your own course page on the My Teaching page at You can also find all the course pages on the Studies service ( Log in to your course page using your University user ID and password. 

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