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Are you supervising a student’s thesis or dissertation work? Here you can find a list of some suitable tools for guiding students and supervising theses.


E-thesis is a digital system for submitting, assessing, archiving and publishing theses. All master’s theses and corresponding academic works completed at the University of Helsinki are submitted digitally to the E-thesis system. Some faculties also use E-thesis for the submission of bachelor’s theses.

Further information: 
E-thesis user instructions

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With Sisu, supervisors are able to e.g. access their supervisees’ study and scheduling plans and comment on them.

Further information:
Study planning tool instructions for teachers

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Thessa is an electronic tool used at the University of Helsinki for supervising, planning and monitoring doctoral studies. A supervision plan is an agreement made by the doctoral student and their supervisors immediately at the beginning of doctoral studies. The plan specifies the common rules of the supervision relationship, as well as the rights and obligations of each party involved. The plan is prepared in Thessa. 

Further information:
Help section in Thessa.
Thessa administration:

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Urkund can be used to provide support to students as they hone their academic writing skills, and to detect plagiarism. Urkund can be linked to many functions in Moodle, and it can also be easily used by e-mail. Urkund has also been integrated to E-thesis.  

A document submitted to Urkund is compared with texts in the open internet, publication databases and other documents saved in the Urkund database. A comparison report is generated, showing how much similarity the submitted document share with the other documents.

All master’s theses completed at the University of Helsinki must be checked with Urkund before approval. Urkund can also be used in other, smaller writing tasks for practising academic writing.


Further information 
Log in to Urkund or create an Urkund account
user instructions
Educational Technology Services


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