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Do you need support for guidance and supervision? These instructions will point you in the right direction. Whether you need assistance related to your own role as a provider of guidance and supervision or to questions posed by students, this page offers information and help you find the right services for advice and support.

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My guidance and supervision duties

At the initial stages of studies, guidance focuses especially on the integration of students into their degree programme and its student and academic communities.

However, this process of supporting students’ self-direction, smooth progress and professional development continues throughout their studies and includes providing students with their own contact person at the University.

As a Provider of guidance and supervision, you are responsible for matters related to the degree content. If students have questions about other matters, they can contact the University’s counselling and guidance services.

Faculties and degree programmes are responsible for the objectives and duties associated with guidance and supervision. The administrative supervisor and staff providing guidance and supervision must agree on the inclusion of these duties in their work plans.

Further information

Support for staff providing students with guidance and supervision

How can I organise guidance and supervision

Guidance and supervision can be provided individually, to pairs or groups, or in another manner considered most suitable by the faculty. Guidance and supervision can be included in a course or seminar or be provided outside courses. Sisu is used as a tool for this purpose.

Guidance and supervision can be offered throughout studies, with meetings agreed on the basis of student needs. A meeting in the first year of study is especially important for the incorporation of students into the academic community.

Further information

I need material and resources to help me meet students and support their learning

Meeting students

Successful interaction requires that you are willing to meet someone without prior assumptions. However, you may occasionally encounter challenging supervision situations. If you are concerned about a student or their studies, you can consult the University’s counselling psychologists, for example, by phone. The University also supports teachers with various types of training, and the Centre for University Teaching and Learning (HYPE) offers training to providers of guidance and supervision.​

Support material for guidance, supervision and discussion

You can use these guidance and supervision support cards (PDF) as an aid in guidance, supervision and discussion. In addition, the app for the self-evaluation of career skills or the Kudin guidance and supervision cards (PDF) can be used to support discussions. 

The results of HowULearn surveys can also be used in guidance and supervision. To obtain the results, you can contact the person you are guiding or supervising, the education planning officer or the degree programme director.

I need support for my own wellbeing

When providing guidance and supervision, it is important to understand your limits to ensure that you are able to cope. You need not know everything. If you have questions, contact the University’s counselling and guidance services or ask the student to do so.

If you need support for your own wellbeing, contact your administrative supervisor or occupational health services.Further information on occupational health services on Flamma (requires login)


I need help with an IT problem

Instructions for Teaching and supervision you can visit website for information on using the tools available for teaching

Helpdesk can assist you if you have a technical problem related to IT services or need to reach the on-site support team on your campus.

You can contact if you need help with technical issues concerning Sisu.

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