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This page contains information on the online learning environments Moodle and MOOC.


Moodle is the most versatile online learning environment used at the University of Helsinki. It is a good choice when you want to use an interactive online platform on your course.

Moodle can be used to support classroom teaching or as a platform for distance learning. Moodle provides the possibility of teaching and learning flexibly as the teaching does not have to be fixed to a certain time and lecture room.

Among other things, Moodle can be used to

  • collect learning tasks and provide feedback on them
  •  organise online discussions to activate students
  • organise examinations with essay questions or multiple choice questions
  • supervise and monitor your students’ learning process.

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MOOC A Massive Open Online Course is an online course that is open to everyone in the world. Supported by the Educational Technology Services, the online learning environment used is the versatile interactive platform Moodle, which is administered by Blackboard Open LMS.

(The support, implementation and administration of courses listed on is covered by the department of computer science at the University of Helsinki.)

MOOCs can be freely available

  • Demo courses, e.g. to present a discipline
  • scheduled online courses
  • self-study courses

Further information:


Support and training for Moodle and MOOC

Learn more about Moodle

Moodle video instructions

MOOC instructions

If you are planning a MOOC, please contact us. We offer teachers at the University of Helsinki help with the course’s pedagogical planning and technical implementation.

Please note! The computer science MOOCs can be found at: