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This section contains a list of tools that you can use to manage the information on your course page and WebOodi, and to announce your office hours.

Course pages

A course page is the place for all the practical information that students need to complete a course. You can use the course page to present the content and methods of your teaching, distribute materials and links and send messages to your students. Information on examination results should also be published on the course page.

A course page is automatically generated for all instruction events in Oodi. The course description in Oodi and timetable information on Optime are automatically added to the page. It is the teacher’s responsibility to add all other necessary information on the page for the students.

Instructions and tips on modifying your course pages are available in the user manuals of the systems.

My Teaching

The My Teaching page is the teacher’s personal page. On the page, you can view your teaching schedule and add it to your electronic calendar. The My Teaching page also contains all your courses that have been published in Oodi, as well as links to their course pages.

My Teaching can be found at

Additional information:

Office hours

You can announce your office hours through the My Teaching page. Your office hours will be published in the Instructions for Students.


The My Instruction page in WebOodi allows you to review and manage the list of participants on your courses and examinations, grade your students’ performance in courses and examinations, submit the grades for registration and view course feedback you have received.

You can find instructions on how to use WebOodi on the Oodi support page.


Optime contains a calendar of your teaching for the current and the next academic year. In addition to your own teaching, you can use Optime to view the teaching of a specific course or degree programme as well as the booking situation of teaching facilities. Please note that unlike WebOodi and My Teaching, Optime also includes teaching that has not yet been confirmed.