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Sisu ( is the new core system for studying, academic administration and teaching. On this page you can find information about the system and links to the teachers' user instructions for Sisu.

What is Sisu?

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Students use Sisu throughout their degree programme to plan their studies, to register for courses and, when the time comes, to request a diploma. For teachers, Sisu offers new ways of supervising students and providing personal feedback.

Sisu is used for:

  • planning and timing of studies, supervision and tutoring related to study planning
  • registration to courses
  • transfer of credits based on prior learning
  • assessment of studies
  • registration of study modules
  • application for degree diploma
  • application for the extension of study right

You can explore Sisu by clicking the link on the navigation pane of this site. After logging in, you can change your user role from teacher to student and see what it is like to, for example, create a study plan in your degree programme.

You can learn more about the changes brought by Sisu from the video above (subtitled in English).
You can also watch the video on YouTube.

Support services

Questions about Sisu?

Frequently asked questions about Sisu for teachers.

Support for teachers in general questions regarding Sisu: contact

If you require support with managing course registrations (eg. adding students to the course), please contact the educational planning officer of your degree programme.

Support for assessment

The assessment support service can be reached by email The assessment support service also takes care of the separate registration of credits for studies that students do not register for (e.g. internships).

Recordings and materials from orientation sessions

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My teaching in Sisu

The session on how to view your teaching and students' registrations in Sisu was held in English on May 6th 2021. 


The orientation session for PSP-supervisors was held on March 11th 2021 in English


The orientation session on assessment was held on April 14th 2021 in English

Sisu information session for teachers on 11 November 2020

The information session was streamed from Think Corner on 11 November, 2020 and it included introductions to Sisu as well as answers to teachers' questions. The session was held in Finnish, but the recording is subtitled in English. Please note that the schedule of the deployment has changed from March to May 2021.

Transition from WebOodi to Sisu

Sisu is the main student information system for University of Helsinki as of 31 May 2021 and has replaced the WebOodi system. It was necessary for the transition to be executed, because the maintenance of Oodi ended in 2021. The essential basic functionality of the whole university’s study information management is protected by the change.

Sisu has been deployed at the University of Helsinki in stages since autumn 2017 when the first students were given the opportunity to create study plans in the new degree programmes. New features for student supervision (called tutoring in Sisu) were introduced in autumn 2018 for the supervisors of personal study plans.

You can find more information on the Sisu deployment project on its Flamma intranet -site. 

Sisu's features

Student’s study plan and Sisu’s tutoring features

All attending students must have a draft study plan in Sisu. The study plan is the students’ key view to their studies and academic administration services. The plan need not be completed in one go for the entire duration of the degree, but can instead be updated and supplemented throughout studies. 

Sisu guides students in their choices by showing them what studies the degree programme curriculum allows to be included in the degree and at what stage their studies are. It supports students in choosing a study track by showing them various study paths and helping them understand the structure of their degree. Sisu also offers a message feature that provides new opportunities for interaction between teachers and students, for example, in commenting on study plans.

Students use their study plan to register for courses, submit credit transfer applications and apply for the approval of modules. When a student has completed the planned studies, the study plan will inform the student that he or she has completed the degree. After this, the student may submit a graduation request in Sisu.

You can find more information about the study plan in Instructions for students.

Students' applications

Students submit applications for the recognition and validation of prior learning (credit transfer), as well as applications related to study modules, graduation and extensions in Sisu as of May 31 2021.

Initially, teachers will not be able to review the applications in Sisu. In cases where a teacher's assessment is needed (e.g. substitutions), applications are forwarded via e-mail from the Student Services. At a later date, the applications will be processed entirely in Sisu.

Registration of a study module no longer has to be separately applied for in Sisu, unless the student wants the study module to be registered before the completion of their degree for any reason. The evaluation of a study module’s coordinating teacher is required for the content of a study module only if the student wishes to deviate from the structure determined in the degree programme’s curriculum. The student will request approval for the deviation through Sisu’s study plan (in the so-called free edit mode). The evaluation request of a study module is forwarded to the teacher by email in the same way as in the case of the applications for accreditation of prior learning (credit transfer). Otherwise the registration of a study module is done at the same time as graduation in the academic administration.

Special arrangements to support the use of Sisu

Unfortunately there are still accessibility issues in Sisu, especially for people using screen readers. More information is available in Sisu’s accessibility statement. Funidata Oy, the company developing Sisu, is working on finding the best solution for solving the issues. If a student is unable to use Sisu due to the accessibility issues, please instruct the student to contact the University’s accessibility liaison. More information can be found on the page Special arrangements support studies.

Questions and feedback?

Sisu FAQ for teachers

If you were unable to find an answer to your question, you can send your questions and feedback to

See also the Instructions for Students

You will find related content for students on the Instructions for Students Service.