Check list for new teachers

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Welcome to the University of Helsinki! These instructions contain general information on the orientation of new teachers and where to go for help when getting to know the university and starting your work as a teacher. The instructions also contain information for the university’s teachers and the contact person assigned to support you in your integration to teaching activities at the university.

Who will handle my orientation to teaching?

The responsibility for introducing a new employee to the work environment falls to the employee’s immediate supervisor. However, your supervisor may delegate practical orientation tasks to other people, and orientation practices may vary between the university’s different units. If you have questions concerning your orientation, you can always turn to your supervisor. Orientation is a collaborative effort that also requires you to read the relevant instructions and documents independently and participate actively by asking questions. When working as a teacher, it may be useful to clarify who the degree programme’s director is and which matters are processed by the degree programme steering group – you will participate in the planning and development of education under the degree programme’s leadership. More information on orientation at the university is available from Flamma.

Click here for more information on teaching at the university.  Information on the university’s strategic objectives is available in the university’s strategy.

Checklist for new employees

More information on orientation at the University of Helsinki is available from Flamma and the Checklist for new employees in Moodle. The checklist contains essential information on HR-related matters, such as employment contracts, as well as practical matters to be taken care of at the beginning of the employment.

Orientating yourself to teaching

Instructions for teaching contain information you may need in your work as a teacher at the University of Helsinki. To get started, please read the articles on the following themes (all the themes are listed on the front page):

  • Teacher’s tools
  • Basics of teaching
  • Improving as a teacher and supervisor

When you are organising a course for the first time, please read at least the articles on the following themes (all the themes are listed on the front page):

  • Planning and executing teaching activities
  • Assessing learning and skills
  • Curriculum and teaching programme

Getting to know the degree programme’s curriculum and intended learning outcomes will enable you to plan courses that fit the degree programme as a whole. You can find the curricula for the bachelor’s and master’s programmes on the Instructions for students page Curriculum and equivalence between curriculums and for the doctoral programmes on the page Scope and structure of doctoral degrees.

If you in your new job act as a supervising teacher (e.g. PSP supervisor / teacher tutor / assigned teacher), please also see the following instructions

In the theme Guiding students you can find helpful materials relating to the guidance of students.

If you cannot find something you are looking for in the instructions, the University Services staff are happy to help you:

Applying for a user account to be used for teaching

A university user account is needed for using most of the teaching tools. If you don’t have a user account yet, follow these instructions.

In your application for a user account, you will be asked to name a contact person. In teaching-related matters, the person should be your supervisor or similar. If you are not in an employment relationship with the university, the contact person you have named will be asked to approve your application. The teacher responsible for your course may approve your application.

Will there be a visiting lecturer on your course?

The teacher responsible for the course at the university is in charge of overseeing that the teaching is carried out in accordance with the curriculum. As the responsible teacher, please ensure that the visiting lecturer has sufficient information on the course syllabus, assessment methods and criteria, as well as decisions concerning teaching at the university.

If the visiting lecturer does not have a user account for the university’s systems, you can apply for a limited user account on their behalf, allowing them to use platforms such as Moodle, Wiki and Flamma. Instructions for applying for a limited user account.

See also the Instructions for Students

You will find related content for students on the Instructions for Students Service.